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Asuka Noda 

Asuka Noda is a pianist with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Born in 1982, she started taking music lessons at age 4 and soon aspired to become a pianist. From childhood, Asuka had difficulty in connecting and communicating with people and often showed peculiarity in her behavior. However, her diagnosis did not come until later because the knowledge of ASD was not widespread during this time. Asuka was not able to figure out why she could not do things that seemed normal to others until she was diagnosed as a young adult. She lived each day as if she were groping in darkness for the key that unlocked the answers to her questions about her differences. In her adolescence Asuka became a target of constant bullying. Confused and unable to accept herself, Asuka started self-injurious behavior and was forced to transfer after her first year in high school.
She was accepted into the National University of Miyazaki which had been her girlhood dream. However, she frequently fainted from hyperventilation induced by stress caused from difficulty in human relations. She was diagnosed with Dissociative Disorder and repeatedly hospitalized with the hope that she will be cured but she again had no choice but to drop out of her university.
Family members and the people who surrounded Asuka were troubled and Asuka herself was constantly plagued by the question, “Why am I not able to get along with others?” Thereafter, she chose to continue her studies as a long-term non-degree student in the Music Department at Miyazaki Gakuen Junior College. Here, she met Professor Sachiko Tanaka who became her mentor and taught her to express the words that lay in her soul through the music she played on her piano.
During a few days of study abroad in Vienna, Asuka again lost consciousness and for the first time at age 22, she was finally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder,
a non-curable congenital disorder of the brain.

After returning home from abroad, she experienced dissociation and in a panic attack she jumped out of the window on the second floor of her home. The bones of her right leg were crushed in a communitive fracture and Asuka became wheelchair bound. The after effect of the accident prohibits her use of her right foot to step on the pedals of the piano. Today, she has devised a method of using her left foot to control all the pedals of the piano and continues to perform. Asuka has overcome many hardships and the long engagement with her own disabilities has made the sound of her piano tender. The sound of Asuka’s piano has come to move the hearts of many listeners.
Asuka made her debut in 2016 and in 2018, she did her first nationwide tour. Her performances and activities have been taken up by multiple TV programs. In 2018, Asuka made a major debut from Victor Entertainment Corp. with her original song, “On the Other Side of Sorrow.” Asuka’s performances have been enormously well received with the venues full and the tickets quickly being sold out. She is a pianist whose activities are drawing attention from a wide audience.
Asuka resides in Miyazaki Prefecture with her parents.
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